TV4aHead was a normal guy who has worked as a Club DJ and as Wedding DJ since 2005. He is a notable music producer, having a Music Production Bachelor degree from Full Sail University. As part of his repertoire, he plays his own remixes and productions.


He has produced and released over 15 independent singles, headlined national tours/events, collaborated with top producers and being featured in Puerto Rico’s top electronic music radio show in 2011-12 season RTS EM Radio.

His strong influences in 8-Bit Electronic Music, have motivated him to create this innovating character called: TV4aHEAD

RELEASES: Dance With Me, Toccata, ERROR, N1NT3NDO, Atmos-Fear, U R the 1, A night at the beach, What you feel, Th show starts now, Smoking City…

REMIXES: Lowrider, Believe, Bring me to life for and Angel, Galaga, A Guant Leap to Mankind, Dime que hay, Forever Loved, Ghosts and Goblins, and more…



Tv4aHead mix by Tv4ahead on Mixcloud


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